Tactyc | Pricing
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Tactyc pricing plans are based on use case, fund size and available features.
Construction Only
Ideal for fund-raising. Construct fund models and share with LPs. No active investments yet.
Save 17% annually
Access for 1 user
Construct unlimited funds
Publish fund dashboard externally
For Solo GPs managing funds smaller than $100mm. Price based onlargest active fund size
Largest Active Fund Size
Save 17% annually
Access for 1 user
Manage unlimited vehicles
Portfolio company KPI tracking
5 custom fields
Optimal reserve planning
Model SAFEs and Convertible Note scenarios
LP Reporting
Store and manage up to 100 deal documents
For onboarding support, dedicated account manager, training, access for multiple users, funds larger than $100mm or advanced features.
Unlimited users
Multiple currencies
Line of Credit Modeling
20 custom fields
Market intelligence & benchmarking
Collect KPIs from portfolio companies
Permissions control
Store and manage unlimited deal documents
Unlimited version history
Multi-fund views
Fund-of-Funds support
Dedicated account manager
Onboarding and training session